Partial dentures are used when a patient has some remaining teeth, but not enough to replace with bridges or dental implants. They may also be used if the teeth surrounding those that are missing simply aren’t strong enough to support alternative tooth replacement methods. Partial dentures may consist of as little as one artificial tooth.

Types of Partial Dentures

Cast metal: These are the most common type of partial dentures and can be either permanent or removable. Usually, the removable type will have clasps that attach to the surrounding teeth. These make the partial dentures easy to remove and clean as needed.

However, some cast dentures are highly precise and can be used more permanently. Regardless of how permanent they are, yearly check-ups are required to determine that they are still the right fit and in alignment within the patient’s mouth.

Flexible: Flexible partial dentures are often considered more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than their metal-framed counterparts. They also come in both removable and permanent types and are made out of super polyamides. The result of these materials are dentures that are much more flexible and soft.

Flippers: Acrylic removable partial dentures, or “flippers”, are usually considered temporary solutions due to being more affordable but less convenient. They are known for being bulky and may not be as comfortable when eating and talking as the other partial options.