Your Vancouver Dentists

Dr. Torandokht Izadiyar

Dr. Toran Izadiyar is a general dentist graduated from Shahid Beheshti Dental University in Tehran/Iran in 1994. After fifteen years of practicing Dentistry, she immigrated to Canada in 2009. She challenged NDEB exams at the University of British Columbia and qualified in 2012. Dr. Izadiyar is an active member of the Canadian Dental Association, British Columbia Dental Association and College of Dental Surgeons of BC. She has been working in Surrey, Delta in BC and Yellowknife in North West Territories.she is highly trained and passionate about dentistry. Her goal is to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all patients. Dr. Izadiyar has over 20 years of experience. She takes ongoing continuing education courses to stay current with the latest materials and procedures available. She is committed to providing high-quality dental care which is patient oriented. Dr. Izadiyar is a family oriented person who enjoys outdoors, traveling and having fun with friends and family.





Dr. Mersedeh Shahabaldine

shahabaldineDr. Mersedeh Shahabaldine is a general dentist with 25 years of private practice experience. She grew up in Iran and received her dental degree from Kabul University in 1985. In 1986, she moved to Canada and began taking courses at University of Western Ontario and she qualified in 1990. Dr. Shahabaldine is a member of Canadian Dental Association and British Columbia Dental Association. She believes that ongoing education is paramount to providing excellence in care and regularly studies emerging dental techniques and technologies. Dr. Mersedeh Shahabaldine has been working in Kitsilano, Vancouver for many years and has also worked part time in rural areas of British Colombia.



Dr. Anne Widya

anne2Dr. Anne Widya, a University of Toronto graduate, has been practicing dentistry in Vancouver for many years.  She is friendly, caring and gentle.  When she’s not at the office, she can be scene making good use of the city’s bikes lanes as she trundles off to the library to acquire yet another work of popular fiction.  And when she is not reading or gardening, Dr. Widya is usually planning yet another adventure with her family.



Ali Karimi Moosavi, Denturist

Ali Karimi graduated as a dentist in 1992 at Lyceum North Western Dental University in the Philippines. He has 17 years of experience practicing General Dentistry in Tehran, Iran before immigrating to Canada with his wife and two kids. He challenged the Denturist exams and received License from College of Denturist of British Columbia in 2013. Since then, he strives to provide professional and reliable service to patients. In his free time he enjoys skiing, Taekwondo, and spending time with family and friends.


Meet Our Staff

Sanda Opacic, Receptionist

sandaSanda was born and raised in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia. In September 1994 she immigrated to Canada with her husband and two sons.

“In the new country, with a foreign language, my law diploma didn’t mean much. I had to choose a new career. My friend, was in the stage of opening his new dental practice and asked me to help with reception. As I like working with people, I accepted this job offer right away, and never regret it. I have completed Dental Receptionist program at BCIT. Since 1999, I have been working full time as the Office Manager in Dr. Shahabaldine’s Dental Office.

In spare time I like keeping active. My hobbies are travelling, skiing, dancing, yoga and reading.”


May Fong Chow, Receptionist

May completed a Dental Reception certificate at BCIT in 2012. Prior to working as a dental administrative assistant, she has worked in the wellness industry as well. May has previous work experience at a few dental practices in Vancouver & the North Shore. She enjoys interacting with the public and is always fond of fostering new friendships with people she meets. May became a team member at West Kits Dental in early 2020.

May has an international background. She has lived in Montreal, Miami and Taipei. Vancouver has been home since 1997. Some of her most memorable travel destinations include Panama City in Central America, San Francisco, Singapore & Oahu.

In her spare time, she enjoys discovering new ways to create desserts using non dairy options, watching documentaries, scouting out new restaurants & just spending time with her beloved family. May currently resides in the beautiful West End!



Phebe Johnston, Certified Dental Assistant

phebe“I have been a CDA for 14 years, with 16 years experience both clinical and reception.  I am an  active member of Certified Dental Assistants of British Columbia and also a volunteer secretary to a local study club (Vancouver Central Certified Dental Assistants Society). You’ll often see me around the office organizing the clinic and sterilization area, offering patient’s headphone to watch their favorite show, blanket and pillows for comfort, watering our orchids or answering patient question over the phone. I enjoy Hot yoga and Zumba  after work and hang out with my 2 boys and husband and dog and kitty on weekends.”



Cindy Allan

cindy2Cindy has been with us for more than 25 years.  She is tranquility itself and makes even the most nervous patient feel relaxed.  Her passions are reading and gardening.



Ana Bella Baquero, Certified Dental Assistant

039I am a certified dental assistant . I am working with Dr. Shahabaldine for at least 10 years. I finished my training as a certified dental assistant at Vancouver Community College batch 1997-1998. I have a great experience in this field. I  really enjoy working with patients and help with their needs. My co-workers are amazing and they create this good working environment and no doubt I am still here.

I have two fun loving sons. They are my inspirations, my motivation and make me a positive believer. Of course, I love to cook during my weekends, gardening on summer time and to socialize with friends.



Natalia Dvoryankina, Certified Dental Assistant

I graduated from MTI Community College in 2006 beginning my career as a Certified Dental Assistant, and I am an active member of CDABC. In 2008 I received my Orthodontic Module from UBC. In addition to all of my training in Canada I also have a strong medical background from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
I enjoy working with our skilled (and multilingual) team at West Kits Dental where traditional value and modern technology go hand in hand.

It is my goal to provide patients with a pleasant experience where they feel comfortable from the moment they walk in. I am very touched when I know a patient leaves the office smiling and happy with the care they have been given.

On my days off I enjoy spending time with my family, being in nature, and learning something new everyday.



Shaina Montero, Certified Dental Assistant

In 2019 I graduated as a Certified Dental Assistant at CDI Collage. As soon as I graduated, I joined West Kits Dental Clinic and Im glad to be working with such an amazing team. I enjoy helping patients and making them feel welcome in the office. Im looking forward to continuing my education and expand my knowledge as a CDA through gaining experience. During my spare time, I like being outdoor, hiking, traveling and spending time with friends and family.