Full dentures—commonly thought of as “false teeth” – replace all teeth on the top, bottom, or both gumlines. Like partials, they are created to fit the needs of the individual, and when properly fitted and cared for may last up to 10 years. Types of Complete Dentures

Immediate Dentures: Immediate dentures are designed to be used directly after tooth extraction, and are created using measurements and models of your jaw and mouth while the natural teeth are still in place.

Conventional Dentures: These are created at any time after teeth have been lost or removed, and do not rely on the measurements of the natural teeth to be made.

Both immediate and conventional complete dentures are usually created using a type of resin that sits directly on the gumline. When fitted properly, they stay in place without the need for adhesive. Many different types of adhesives are available regardless, as some individuals prefer the added security.