General Family Dentistry

At West Kits Dental Clinic, our dentists and dental care team are equipped with the training, technology and education it takes to meet every dental need. That means you can trust us with the total dental care of your family. For your convenience, we’ve compiled some general information regarding tooth care, so that you can get your family started with dental health and hygiene in your home.

​The Importance of Regular Cleanings and Check-ups

​In order to remove tartar that cannot be reached even with careful flossing and brushing, we here at West Kits Dental Clinic recommend regular, professional tooth cleaning. Schedule your appointment with us today, and our dentists will get you the tooth polishing, scaling, and debridement services you need to maintain your oral health.


Precautions for Brushing and Flossing

​The balance between thorough and aggressive brushing and flossing is critical. The dentists at our office can help your family develop good habits that will clean your teeth thoroughly without damaging or irritating sensitive oral tissues.


Preventative Measures

Here at West Kits Dental, we want to help you maintain the beauty of your smile. Through our cleaning services as well as our diagnostic and treatment services, we can do just that. Schedule your appointment today!

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